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The Great Ocean Road: Cape Otway Lighthouse

27 Nov

Piggletino heard about the scenic drive out to The Great Ocean Road, and had summoned his scout to take him there. 

One unforgettable stop was at the Cape Otway Lighthouse perched on towering sea-cliffs – the oldest surviving lighthouse in mainland Australia.

It was absolutely freezing and the winds were so strong; you wouldn’t believe it but Piggletino climbed to the top to check out the stunning views of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean!


Gold Rush! Gold Rush!

24 Nov

Piggletino is so excited because he heard about the Gold Rush at Ballarat! He packed his little bag and sped out of the city to Sovereign Hill – an outdoor museum of mines, goldfields and life as it was in the 1850s.

Trades of the past came to life as you walked through the settlement – the Blacksmith’s had a range of horseshoes and ironware; the Confectionery Factory made boiled sweets; the Wheelwright built wagons for horse-drawn coaches; the hotels and stables were close by for dwellers and their horses – everything was so interesting for Piggletino! There is also a Post Office at Sovereign Hill that is still in operation! Send yourself a postcard with the Sovereign Hill postmark on it!

As Piggletino was exploring the Chinese camp, depicting life of Chinese miners, he spotted something that made him squeal in delight!

A much bigger friend munching away under the sun!!! What a lovely trip, to meet a friend in a new place! Remember to say hello to them if you visit!

Melbourne: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens

20 Nov

Piggletino has identified Stop 13: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens, as a definite must-see.

The Shrine of Remembrance stands as an impressive building in the city, in memory of those who have served and sacrificed in times of conflict. The Shrine is open to visitors and walking tours are available for those who wish to explore further (definitely worth a visit!) The shrine has a sanctuary, ambulatory, crypt and more, where history abounds. Up to the balcony, one can also look back into the city of Melbourne.

Situated right opposite the shrine is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Piggletino found a spectacular spread of flora – a fern gully, herb gardens, rose pavillion, camellia collection, plenty of vast lawns to stretch your legs, and most fascinating was the Bamboo Forest!

Piggletino had such a wonderful day just at one stop of the city – what a lot of exercise too!
Piggletino shall wander further from the city to visit more places next!

Melbourne: Etihad Stadium and Victoria Harbour

15 Nov

Hopping off the Visitor Shuttle at Stop 10: Etihad Stadium and Victoria Harbour, Piggletino explores the up and coming area of the Docklands and takes a walk along the waterfront. Up ahead Piggletino sees the Etihad Stadium that has hosted numerous sporting events in Melbourne.

This is such a perfect place to enjoy the morning breeze and to get some sun! And the city skyline decorates the photo in the background!

Houses as tiny as Piggletino, and the Fairy Tree

12 Nov

Piggletino went for a leisurely walk through the Fitzroy Gardens (not too far from the Visitor Shuttle’s designated Stop 3: Sports Precinct) in search of Cooks’ Cottage, a Tudor Village and the Fairy Tree.

After seeing Cooks’ Cottage – where stories of Captain James Cook’s adventures and his life were on display – Piggletino hunted all over for the Tudor Village. Just as he was about to give up, he spotted some tiny houses, as small as he was sitting calmly behind black fences! A Model Tudor Village!

This green sign says “This Model Tudor Village was presented to the City of Melbourne by the citizens of Lambeth England in appreciation of gifts of food dispatched from Victoria to England during food shortages following World War 2, 1939 – 1945.” The model buildings resemble a Kentish village, with cottages, churches, schools, bakeries and barns! A walk around the little village you’ll also find Shakespeare’s home!

The Fairy Tree stands just opposite the village. Sculptor, author and playwright Miss Ola Cohn had carved a tree of colourful fairies in a stump of river red gum. Be sure to spot all the characters, each with their own little story as they appear on the well-preserved tree bark!

Melbourne Visitor Shuttle: Flinders Street Station & Federation Square

8 Nov

What better way to see Melbourne than on the Visitor Shuttle – and it’s free! The red tourist shuttle goes by 13 stops and will come by each stop every 30 minutes.

A good location to hop on might be at Stop 2: Federation Square, where you’ll find the the Visitor Centre and lots of cafes/bars. A short walk round the back of the cafes will also bring you up to the waterfront.

Just diagonally opposite the stop, one can also spot the iconic Flinders Street Station, the first railway station of the Australian city. The yellow building, arched entrance, towers and row of clocks under the dome have become a recognizable landmark of the city where many refer to as a meeting point.

Clever traveller Piggletino knows how convenient the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is, so he has reserved a seat for himself to check out the city.

Check-in: Australia, Melbourne!

5 Nov

Hello there! Piggletino is back to share about his trip to Melbourne!

First stop: HOTEL!

Piggletino checked into Quest on Bourke Serviced Apartments and found an awesome bed with a gigantic bathroom en-suite!

Great convenient location in the CBD, needing no more than 5 minutes’ walk from the Visitor’s centre and central departure point of all day tours. Any trip will be perfect after a good rest!