Melbourne: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens

20 Nov

Piggletino has identified Stop 13: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens, as a definite must-see.

The Shrine of Remembrance stands as an impressive building in the city, in memory of those who have served and sacrificed in times of conflict. The Shrine is open to visitors and walking tours are available for those who wish to explore further (definitely worth a visit!) The shrine has a sanctuary, ambulatory, crypt and more, where history abounds. Up to the balcony, one can also look back into the city of Melbourne.

Situated right opposite the shrine is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Piggletino found a spectacular spread of flora – a fern gully, herb gardens, rose pavillion, camellia collection, plenty of vast lawns to stretch your legs, and most fascinating was the Bamboo Forest!

Piggletino had such a wonderful day just at one stop of the city – what a lot of exercise too!
Piggletino shall wander further from the city to visit more places next!


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