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Mannekin Pis, Belgian Comic Strip Centre and more

10 Feb

Piggletino couldn’t praise the location of the hotel more than ever. Everything seemed like a stone’s throw away from his comfortable little resting spot!

A ten-minute walk would take him to a famous landmark of Belgium – the Mannekin Pis. That’s the little bronze statue pee-ing into the fountain right here:

All kinds of legends surround the little bronze statue – some say that the little boy Julien had pee-ed on a burning fuse of explosives and saved the city; some claim that he had pee-ed to put out a fire that was threatening the king’s castle. But what was of interest to Piggletino was that this 24″ bronze statue had over hundreds of costumes to be donned! He could look like an organ builder, a mayor, a soldier, or anything you could ever image!
Piggletino is jealous, and shall ask his scout to consider making clothes for him too!

(PS: if you have any ideas of what Piggletino could be dressed up as, drop a note in the comments section below! Thank you!)

Just up on the main street across the Grand Place, you will also see a grand structure – the Cathedral of St Michael and Gudula; both the patron saints of Belgium. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another interesting place to visit about 10 minutes away from the Grand Place is marked by a gigantic statue of Gaston standing on the streets.

As you approach Gaston, walk down the stairs behind him and you will find yourself at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum! It isn’t an easy spot to find, as the museum is within the business district. Step inside to a world of comic, characters and more, available in French, Dutch and English.

Piggletino immediately recognised the life size models of Belgium’s famous comic characters – Tintin and friends!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
There’s so much more to see in the museum and around Belgium; Piggletino had rushed all around the place that he had forgotten to take more photos!

The Grand Place, Brussels

6 Feb

Why was Piggletino so happy with his scout’s hotel choice?
Easy – we first look at what’s nearby to the Novotel Off Grand Place hotel. By it’s name, the hotel is a mere 5 minutes walk to the central square of Brussels (It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site!). This square is often bustling with people visiting the city town hall, guildhalls and the Breadhouse.




Just a short walk from the Grand Place and the hotel, you’ll also find the Galeries Royales St Hubert.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This shopping arcade imitates a courtyard with its narrow lane and two upper floors, with an arched-glass roof and Italian-style architecture.
An intersection occurs at Rue des Bouchers, lined with cafes and restaurants. However, a quick word of warning – pick your dinner spots with care; it’s a tourist area that guarantees much touting and often-times overpriced meals! 

Now, what else lies in the vicinity of the Grand Place?