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From Market to Marina Bay Sands

20 Jun

So Piggletino’s scout heard about a new farmer’s market in Singapore and decided to check it out…
It’s called ‘PasarBella’, where pasar literally translates from Malay to become ‘Market’.


There was seafood, beef pies, wines, crafts and such, but nothing very spectacular. While having it indoors was clever, given the warm weather, it was pretty dark and crowded. After awhile, Piggletino’s scout decided to leave.

Later that day, the scout decided to have dinner at Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort fronting the Marina Bay of Singapore. (Thankfully this happened all before the haze situation hit the region!)


As the scout was having dinner, Piggletino decided to go for a walk on his own! And oh my! He saw a pool that fell off the edge of the building!


Nah! That’s the infinity edge swimming pool set on the Skypark of the resort. Hmm, and since the nigh skyline was pretty attractive, Piggletino posed for another photo!


There seems to be quite a few other places Piggletino hasn’t seen in Singapore, such as the new Gardens by the Bay (they say there are SUPERTREES there!) and some islands (Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and more) around the country. Those shall have to wait for another trip! Bye for now!


Exploring Singapore Chinese & Japanese Gardens

18 Jun

Away from the bustling city life is the Singapore Chinese Garden; not much of a tourist attraction but well worth a visit if you’ll like to stay away from the crowds. The Chinese Garden is also connected to the Japanese Garden by a bridge.


Piggletino first came to a “White Rainbow Bridge”, which supposedly imitates the architectural design of Peking Summer Palace’s 17-Arch Bridge. This bridge is however much shorter, and easier for Piggletino to cross!


The park also had a live turtle and tortoise museum…

…lots of pagodas and statues,¬†including the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac…but look what Piggletino found!


A little stone bench with a pig on its side! Oh Piggletino shall now take a break here!

Crossing “The Bridge of Double Beauty” into the Japanese Gardens, you’ll feel as if you’ve walked into a different part of the world. Serene and peaceful, the Japanese atmosphere is recreated within Zen gardens of rocks and pines. Look! Piggletino is reading the sign!


While his scout tries to learn about the history behind the stone lanterns and¬†torii gates…


…Piggletino decides that he shall wait for a visit to Japan before he figures all that out.

The sweltering heat is getting to Piggletino! Now, let’s take a break on a big cool slab of rock!


World’s Best Airport!

13 Jun

Hello, Singapore Changi Airport!

Now we know why it was awarded the “World’s Best Airport” by World Airport Awards. Singapore Changi Airport has three terminals, lots of F&B options and shopping boutiques, great facilities for stop-overs and arrivals alike. All directional signs are in English, so fret not! It is efficient, clean and spacious (despite being in such a small country!)

Piggletino was absolutely pleased when he arrived and decided to take a photo, what’s new!