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Happy 2013!

31 Dec

Piggletino wishes everyone a…Happy New Year!


Good things come in …

20 Dec

They say good things come in small packages. Piggletino thinks they’re referring to him!

Time to leave Melbourne, this wonderful city that gave Piggletino ample photo opportunities, even as he relaxes at the comfortable seats of the airport!

Thanks and goodbye!

Dreaming in Yarra

17 Dec

Piggletino visits the Yarra Valley!

He was dreaming of having his own vineyard… rolling hills in the background, a beautiful blue sky framing his land…

…Ploughing the fields with a little tractor…
(PS: Spot the pig! He’s driving!)

And maybe some day have his own wine-brand like this…
(PS: Can you spot the pig again?)

Portsea, Point Nepean National Park

13 Dec

There is plenty of natural landscape in Victoria, but what makes Point Nepean National Park so beautiful is the military history on Fort Nepean, housing gun batteries and military fortifications from 1886.

Piggletino made his way to the fort and as he looked back, he observed an interesting sight – calm waters on the left, and gushing waves on the right!

He made his way towards the old engine house ruins to explore what sits within…

And there were lots of information on the history and characters of Point Nepean, including the fort’s role in WWI and WWII.

Besides, Point Nepean holds many other tales – Prime Minister Harold Holt had disappeared in 1967, presumed drowned; SS Cheviot was wrecked at the Cheviot Beach; two cannons sat at the fort facing Bass Strait and were only fired once each… and most importantly – scary underground tunnels that once housed the soldiers who defended the city.

A great place to visit for both the history and the views, Piggletino recommends this trip to all travellers!

Lost in the Ashcombe Maze!

10 Dec

Taking on the challenge to wander within Australia’s oldest and most famous hedge maze, Piggletino found himself amidst some three-metre high Cypress hedges. There were two hedge mazes at the Ashcome Maze & Lavender Gardens which amounted to lots of fun for Piggletino!

More uniquely, there was a rose maze with 1200 fragrant rose bushes all around! Didn’t seem too difficult until you started walking in it. The aim was to get to the centre where a wired pavilion stood – Guess who got there first?
(Piggletino has been complaining that he cannot be seen in the photo below. Spot the pig! He is seated at the stone-bench!)

After the two mazes, Piggletino decided to take a leisurely stroll through the 25 acres’ garden, exploring the Lavender Labyrinth and hunting for Gnomes and Fairies hiding in the gardens!

Detective Piggletino: Mystery of the Timeball Tower and Steam Tram

7 Dec

Piggletino came by Williamstown, home to the Victorian Navy, and stopped at a tall tower to investigate.

This tower is a rare sight in the world today – a Timeball Tower used in the past for ships to find their way from England to Australia, a little like a GPS navigational guide. The Timeball Tower was originally built as a lighthouse, and a timeball was lowered everyday at 1pm for ships to calibrate their chronometers.

Further towards Sorrento, Piggletino spotted an interesting route and decided to explore. There he found tram track but there were no trams in sight. Upon further inspection, Piggletino learnt that the steam tram operated between 1890 – 1921, as a link from Sorrento to Melbourne. Horse-drawn trams carrying about twenty passengers would make its way on the tramway but by 1914, motor vehicles had come to the scene and following the WWI, the line was closed.

Detective Piggletino was so proud of his findings that day he decided to take a picture at the Steam Tram Platform!

Exploring the areas of Mornington Peninsula

4 Dec

Ah, what a wonderful world…

Piggletino is up early and out in the wild at Mornington Peninsula, about an hour and a half’s drive out of Melbourne.

There is so much to see and do at Mornington Peninsula’s coastal towns – to shop at Mount Martha, or a leisurely drive to the top of Arthur’s Seat? Relax by the beaches of Rosebud, or live luxuriously in one of Portsea’s clifftop mansions?

Since Piggletino couldn’t decide, he chose to stop by a winery to get some sun!