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Around the World with Food (III)

28 Apr

Welcome to Piggletino’s chocolate shop! We’ve good a good variety of truffles – there’s raspberry, cherry, mint and coffee. Which would you like to try?



Oops. Sorry, we’re out of stock. The chocolate connoisseur Piggletino took the very last piece out of the box while trying to introduce the chocolates to you.

Oh well! 🙂

Around the World with Food (II)

20 Apr

French Fries, French Fries.

Why are fries called ‘French Fries’? In the Netherlands, Piggletino was told that these were ‘Flemish Fries’, not ‘French Fries’. Hmm.

Piggletino decided to pop by a frites shop to get a cone for himself, considering that fries were a national snack for Belgium and The Netherlands too. Having had one too many fries with mayo, Piggletino decided to opt for Sauce Andalouse, not quite knowing what it was… (His scout later told him that it was a Belgian specialty which had nothing to do with the namesake Spanish region – it is made of mayonnaise, tomato paste and bell peppers)



Ah well, what could one expect. When a little pig needs to eat, he shall eat with little care for what the origins and recipes are!



Around the World with Food (I)

13 Apr

(Piggletino got upset with his scout for long days of working and a lack of travel plans. He decided to come up with his own ‘Around the World with Food’ series of posts.)

Piggletino got tired of waiting for his scout, and decided to share some of his favourite foods from various trips with everyone 🙂

Did you know that there were so many different types of ‘waffles’? Piggletino heard from the waffles shop that in there are various ways of making waffles that result in the Flemish waffles, American waffle, and even the Belgian waffles. And the best thing that Piggletino learnt was that there are no Belgian waffles in Belgium! Gasp! Isn’t that a surprise?

This is the Brussels Waffles – light, crispy on the outside ( and with deep squares that are nicely filled with chocolate sauce and strawberries.


Brussels Waffles are unique from others due to its sharp rectangular sides. Close by but different, the Liege waffles are shaped like a rounded rectangle and are seldom matched with toppings due to its vanilla or cinnamon flavours. Also unlike American waffles, the Brussels Waffles doesn’t go so well as a breakfast set.

Piggletino shall remember these interesting facts and go around the world in search of the various types of waffles!

All over Europe in a day – Mini-Europe, Brussels

8 Mar

After exploring the Atomium, Piggletino’s scout suggested a visit to Mini-Europe, just 10 minutes’ walk away at the foot of the Atomium.

Piggletino was so excited after his last trip to Madurodam! He could now go all over Europe in a day!

Having seen Europe that was meant for his scout, Piggletino now explores the mini-Europe park, where everything is just the right size once again!

Look – the Alkmaar Cheese Market of Amsterdam stands in the background! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And the Eiffel tower – not too much bigger than Piggletino! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And that’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa too! Isn’t it a beautiful sight to have the life-sized Atomium in the background?


Piggletino took so many pictures that he couldn’t choose which ones to share. Walk around the park to decide where of Europe you might like to visit next time too!
To find out more about the Mini-Europe park, visit the website here.

Atomium, Brussels

4 Mar

How could you miss the Atomium when traveling by the Atomium Line?

What really is the Atomium? That’s it –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Atomium is a steel structure that appears to be a unit cell of iron crystals magnified billions of times! Piggletino feels like a scientist now! See how much he knows about atoms and molecules!

The tubes connecting the spheres enclose escalators or staircases that brings you to each sphere. Within the spheres are exhibitions and public spaces such as a restaurant. As you first enter the Atomium, you will be invited to stand in line to board the fastest lift, which can take you to the top sphere that gives a panaromic view of the city. Here you go, Piggletino can prove it!

This is one of the staircases that can bring you from one sphere to another – looks a little like time travel, doesn’t it? Be sure to check out all the exhibitions when you visit the Atomium!


Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Brussels

27 Feb

Hop on to the Atomium Line of the Hop On Hop Off service to find your way to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The Bascilica is situated atop the Koekelberg Hill, and is a unique Art Deco church that stands as the fifth largest Church in the world!

The Basilica offers great views of the city if you gain access to the dome (which Piggletino suggests you do!). The Church holds various exhibitions and many sculptures that you can take your time to look at. Interestingly, the Basilica differs from the typical Gothic style churches and features numerous modern stained-glass windows, that gives the interior a warm feeling despite the use of concrete and terracota.

View from the dome:

Sablon and Place Royale, Brussels

22 Feb

Remember the Hop On Hop Off service at Brussels? It has two routes that you can take. Both starts at the central station. On this journey, Piggletino took the ‘Europe line’. Some sights would include:

The Notre-Dame du Sablon, of Gothic architecture…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…Petit Sablon Square across the street from the Church, surrounded by 48 small bronze representing ancient professions such as masons, sculptors, etc…

And Place Royale, or the King’s square of Brussels…
…where of course, the Royal Palace of Brussels is! The Palace is situated across the Brussels Park, where many locals visit for a jog or a family day’s out. The Royal Palace is not the residence of of the royal family. It stands grandly at the cobblestoned square where the Palace of Coudenberg once was.

While the scout was watching the changing of guards take place, Piggletino took a photo with the Palace! What a grand sight!