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Ciao! Hong Kong

31 Oct

After enjoying a popular almond dessert at a local shop in Hong Kong, it’s time to say goodbye!
Piggletino shall be writing about his new adventure soon! Ciao!


Mysterious case of the missing Piggletino

29 Oct

While the scout is busy at work, where is Piggletino?

Enjoying the comfortable beds and pillows of Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong!
Convenient location, reasonable rates and definitely a luxury for Piggletino!

Continuing the journey in Hong Kong

26 Oct


Next visit: Wong Tai Sin temple, with its foundation in Taoism. Wong Tai Sin is known for his abilities to tell the future and many visit this site to get their palms read and fortunes told. An organisation, the Sik Sik Yuen, was founded to undertake charitable work involving education, clinics and more.

During the Chinese New Year season, the temple is filled to its brim with worshipers visiting to pray for an auspicious year ahead.

Behind the area of worship sits a peaceful garden and pavillion to rest at.

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is convenient to visit by train (there’s a stop by the name of the temple) and a shopping complex right next to the train station too!

Hong Kong: Che Kung Temple

22 Oct

Piggletino recently went on a trip to Hong Kong with his photographer. As the places of interest were largely religious, Piggletino sent his scout in to take photos in respect of the culture.

This is a trip to Che Kung Temple, built in honour of a deified Song Dynasty general. Within the temple sits a golden fan-blade, believed to bring good luck for those who would spin it three times. Many visit this temple during Chinese New Year, in hopes of welcoming good fortune for the following months.