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Stroopwafels, the Dam Square, and the Royal Palace

5 Jan

Rise and shine!
When in Amsterdam, eat a lot of Stroopwafels!
If anyone might like to know a little history of the stroopwafels, this yummy snack originated from Gouda, The Netherlands, in the 1800s. It was once made from leftovers in a bakery, made tastier by adding some syrup. The stroopwafels are a little soft and the filling within has a pleasant taste of cinnamon. Piggletino was told that to eat it in the traditional Dutch manner, one had to place the waffle over some hot beverage such that one side of the waffle was soft and warm while the other was crispy.


After a simple breakfast, Piggletino went on a cruise along the canals of Amsterdam. Look, it’s the Victoria Hotel again! How very convenient!


Meanwhile, his scout was visiting the Royal Palace Amsterdam at Dam Square. The Royal Palace isn’t always open; if you wish to visit, remember to check the opening dates and hours each day!
This is a picture of the central hall of the Royal Palace.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Dam Square has several attractions that you might like to check out as well. Across from the Royal Palace stands the WWII War Memorial, and beside the palace is the Nieuwe Kerk. The Nieuwe Kerk was a church used for investitures, but is today used as an exhibition space.

Now, where did Piggletino go during this period…?


Amsterdam Centraal

2 Jan






Piggletino has arrived in Amsterdam!


In less than half an hour from the airport, Piggletino arrived at the heart of Amsterdam – the Central Station. While his scout was figuring the way around, Piggletino took some photos…



…and with little clue of where to walk or what to do, he had arrived at his hotel!



That’s the Victoria Hotel, conveniently situated directly opposite the Amsterdam Central Station.
Piggletino was exhausted after finding his way around (read: taking photos whenever he had the chance), and decided to leave further exploration to the next day!

Be sure to come back and check out Amsterdam with Piggletino!