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Melbourne: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens

20 Nov

Piggletino has identified Stop 13: The Shrine & Royal Botanic Gardens, as a definite must-see.

The Shrine of Remembrance stands as an impressive building in the city, in memory of those who have served and sacrificed in times of conflict. The Shrine is open to visitors and walking tours are available for those who wish to explore further (definitely worth a visit!) The shrine has a sanctuary, ambulatory, crypt and more, where history abounds. Up to the balcony, one can also look back into the city of Melbourne.

Situated right opposite the shrine is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Piggletino found a spectacular spread of flora – a fern gully, herb gardens, rose pavillion, camellia collection, plenty of vast lawns to stretch your legs, and most fascinating was the Bamboo Forest!

Piggletino had such a wonderful day just at one stop of the city – what a lot of exercise too!
Piggletino shall wander further from the city to visit more places next!


Hong Kong: Che Kung Temple

22 Oct

Piggletino recently went on a trip to Hong Kong with his photographer. As the places of interest were largely religious, Piggletino sent his scout in to take photos in respect of the culture.

This is a trip to Che Kung Temple, built in honour of a deified Song Dynasty general. Within the temple sits a golden fan-blade, believed to bring good luck for those who would spin it three times. Many visit this temple during Chinese New Year, in hopes of welcoming good fortune for the following months.


Macau Day 2: Ruins of St Paul’s & Mount Fortress

19 Oct

Ruins of St Paul’s is one of the most symbolic sites of attraction in Macau. The Ruins of St Paul’s is actually the facade of the original church and St Paul’s college which had been destroyed by a fire in 1835. The Ruins bears a unique blend of biblical and oriental motifs, emphasizing the impact of Portuguese rule in Macau. Piggletino took many steps to get up there!

Taking a turn to the right of St Paul’s, Piggletino decided to check out Mount Fortress, which was once a military defence structure against Dutch invasion by sea in the 1600s. You can still see several cannons on the fort that overlooks the city at all angles. Today, the Macau Museum sits at the Fortress.

Very quickly, Piggletino decides to take a trishaw off to somewhere else! Goodbye Macau!

New Zealand, Auckland: Auckland Museum and the history of NZ

8 Oct

Making use of the Auckland Explorer Bus, Piggletino arrives at the Auckland Museum, a three-storey building that holds the history of New Zealand. Within this building, war memorials, Maori cultures and geographical information abound.

Piggletino also learnt about another fascinating creature – the Kiwi.

Remember to stop by the Winter Gardens just a stone’s throw away from the Museum!
For more information of the Auckland Explorer Bus, go here: http://www.explorerbus.co.nz/index.html