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Psst! Here’s a little secret!

23 May

Psst! Here’s a little secret! Piggletino just crawled out of bed when he heard someone planning a holiday trip not too far from now! Where are we going this time? Hmm…



Piggletino is now wide awake and watching the weather! Shall have to get up and pack his little bag (though there really isn’t much that he’ll bring!) in time for the flight…Be back soon! 


Sayonara, Hokkaido!

9 May

An enjoyable trip in all, Piggletino hops into his little “onsen bath tub” along with his wine, Japanese mochi dessert and a cup of green-tea latte!

Goodbye Hokkaido, we’ll be back!


On to the Rusutsu Resort!

7 May

Look! It’s snowing! The awesome view right out of the Rusutsu Resort’s room!


Rusutsu Resort is one of the prominent large all-season resorts in Japan. Snow-rafting/snow-tubing activities were available on top of the usual skiing and snow-boarding activities. The resort was well-equipped with natural hot springs and a shopping mall for those who wished to stay indoors as the winters got colder. Piggletino decided to have his share of fun out in the cold!



And right after having fun in the cold powdery snow, Piggletino headed back to his room to freshen up, while his scout walked around the resort to explore. He secretly dug into his scout’s luggage and found all these yummy goodies! Never try to hide the good food from Detective Piggletino!