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New Zealand, Wanaka: last day at Clearbrook

28 Sep

It’s time to leave the beautiful South Islands of New Zealand and head up North. Piggletino’s enjoying his last day’s stay at Clearbrook Apartments, checking out the brook and taking a sun-tan at the balcony!

Goodbye Lake Wanaka! Piggletino shall be back for a visit soon!



New Zealand, Wanaka: Mt Difficulty Wines

26 Sep

Piggletino decided to get some exercise, heading over to the Bannockburn area to check out Mount Difficulty vineyards! Oh the finer things in life…

(More about Mt Difficulty wines: http://www.mtdifficulty.co.nz/index.html)


New Zealand, Wanaka: stalked by celebrities

21 Sep

Piggletino found a great place to rent a car to travel around this awesome place!

Piggletino spotted an interesting place – Stuart Landsborough’s Puzzling World – and decide to check out the attractions. Lots of fun in there – puzzles, illusion and hologram rooms, a huge labyrinth (The Great Maze) and Piggletino was also “stalked” by Churchill, Lincoln in the Hall of Following Faces!

New Zealand, Wanaka: road to paradise

19 Sep

Piggletino sets off on a 2-hour drive from Queenstown to Lake Wanaka.


Lake Wanaka is the 4th largest lake in New Zealand. Check out that breathtaking view of crystal-clear lakes and majestic mountains! Maybe a trip down the lake in these cute paddle-boats will be fun…

(Check out the main site! Go to: http://www.lakewanaka.co.nz/)