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Trip to Kobe: Nunobiki Herb Garden

4 Aug


Whee! Piggletino is taking a trip to Shin-Kobe by Shinkansen! That’s how the bullet trains look like; pretty cool isn’t it?

Guess where Piggletino is?

That’s right! It’s the Shin-Kobe Ropeway (新神戸ロープウェー, cable car) that takes us up the slopes of the Rokko Mountain Chain, towards the Nunobiki Herb Gardens!

Look!! That is the 43metres Nunobiki Waterfall. Did you know, that it got its name because it looked like a hanging cloth? Ah, what a great view Piggletino has from here! Don’t miss this if you ever come to Kobe!



And after the Ropeway ride, Piggletino welcomes everyone to the top station of the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden!


Here, you will find local produce of honey, a rest house, beautiful rose gardens, a fragrance house that teaches you about the flower extracts used in perfumes, and a glasshouse growing seasonal fruits and flowers!


Remember to take a day to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Nunobiki Herb Garden when you’re in Kobe!


Heading towards Hiroshima

23 Jul

Rise and Shine! Piggletino got up early and hopped onto this:



Looks like a plane? No, no! This is the Shinkansen, Japan’s Bullet Train that can take you from one city to the next within a matter of hours! Look! It’s great!


Piggletino, of course, wouldn’t be concerned about flight or train; except when he is on the train, he gets a little more scenery!



Today, Piggletino heads towards Hiroshima. In 1945 when the A-Bomb arrived in Hiroshima, many believed that the city would no longer be habitable. Much reconstruction and effort was made; today it is host to a large park that sits in the centre of the city: the Peace Memorial Park.

Piggletino’s scout wandered off to read about its history and the aspirations of the city, and an interesting sight came about. The A-Bomb dome in the picture below is one of the few buildings that remain standing from the explosion. Much of the wall shows hints of the attack, and today it continues to stand as a link to the past of Hiroshima.


Piggletino wasn’t ready for such heavy stuff, so he went a-hiding!