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Castle Museum, Cannes

18 Nov

We’re finally there! Finally there!

Oh, you don’t see the scout, do you? That’s ok. The scout was checking out the impressive collection of Mayan pottery, Pacific relics and Asian weapons that were collected by travelers of the past. But Piggletino found a way up a tower to get a panoramic view, and there you go! – Piggletino339



Isn’t this amazing? Piggletino tells us to check out the Le Suquet and the bay of La Croisette! Piggletino354 Piggletino340 Piggletino342


Wow! Isn’t this amazing? Piggletino hears of the Museum of the Sea on another island, and tells the scout to go … but…


Piggletino goes to the old town

15 Nov

See, Piggletino’s scout likes the old towns and ruins of each city, and would never fail to drop by for a visit. And since Piggletino’s presence is known, he gets to take so many more beautiful photos!

Piggletino’s scout had planned to head up the old town of Cannes, Le Suquet, to get a good view of La Croisette. It was a long walk uphill, and Piggletino was so thankful that he didn’t have to do all that walking himself!




The scout had explained that they were there to visit the Musee de la Castre, or the Castle Museum.






But even before they had arrived, Piggletino was already taken in by the breathtaking views of the surroundings – climbing mid-way, Piggletino stopped to take photos of the wonderful Old Town from above.


And as a lazy pig would, he decided to stop and sit by the benches to watch the day go by! Now, if only the scout would walk faster up to the museum!