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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

13 Jan

Now, where in the tiny island of Singapore was Piggletino at?

Piggletino was walking around Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort that comprised of Exhibition & Conference spaces (where his scout went for some meetings) ; myriad of shopping and dining experiences ; and an Art & Science Museum.


Pretty cool, huh? This is the world’s first Art-Science museum! But these stuff are too complex for a little pig. He’d decided that the knowledge acquisition shall be left to the scout, while he enjoys the bright sunny day outside! Piggletino360

He took a stroll around the place, and decided to frolick in the beautiful lily pond…



Look, there’s a Sky Mirror in Singapore! This is a 2.9m-wide circular concave mirror that reflects the lotus-shaped museum. And Piggletino’s got a great view from here!



Looks like Piggletino had more photos than the scout ever did on this sunny island!


From Market to Marina Bay Sands

20 Jun

So Piggletino’s scout heard about a new farmer’s market in Singapore and decided to check it out…
It’s called ‘PasarBella’, where pasar literally translates from Malay to become ‘Market’.


There was seafood, beef pies, wines, crafts and such, but nothing very spectacular. While having it indoors was clever, given the warm weather, it was pretty dark and crowded. After awhile, Piggletino’s scout decided to leave.

Later that day, the scout decided to have dinner at Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort fronting the Marina Bay of Singapore. (Thankfully this happened all before the haze situation hit the region!)


As the scout was having dinner, Piggletino decided to go for a walk on his own! And oh my! He saw a pool that fell off the edge of the building!


Nah! That’s the infinity edge swimming pool set on the Skypark of the resort. Hmm, and since the nigh skyline was pretty attractive, Piggletino posed for another photo!


There seems to be quite a few other places Piggletino hasn’t seen in Singapore, such as the new Gardens by the Bay (they say there are SUPERTREES there!) and some islands (Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and more) around the country. Those shall have to wait for another trip! Bye for now!