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You know it’s a new place when…

26 Mar

Piggletino hadn’t been paying too much attention to his surroundings … and when he opened his eyes after a good comfortable nap, he found himself in an unfamiliar land!

He figured he was in some place new when he saw:

A unique-looking post-box…


…and that familiar fast-food chain that was spelt so differently from what he usually knows it to be!


Hello Japan! Onward to HOKKAIDO!

NOTE: As Piggletino’s scout has been busy working (while the little pig skives and waits for a holiday!!), this series is a recount of an old trip that happened a few winters ago.


A new experience in the accommodations!

26 Mar

Piggletino has always heard about the rich Japanese culture and he was excited to see low tables and mattresses in the room! The room was laid with tatami, a type of straw mats for sleeping on.



Piggletino began to inspect the room, wondering what constituted the “auspicious” tatami arrangements that his scout had been talking about, supposedly an important room layout during the Tokugawa period (1600s to 1868). Before he could figure it out, he saw these interesting Japanese tea cups, towels and green-tea. How very hospitable!


So Piggletino spent his time exploring the room while his scout went for dinner at Miyanomori:



That serviette says: “Hokkaido Cuisine” on the top right. Now we’re in the right place!

Gone on a hiatus!

12 Mar

Piggletino’s scout claims that it’s time to go back to work, but Piggletino thinks it’s just an excuse to go on a hiatus! Naughty lazy scout! Humph! Piggletino shall keep fit by rolling around on the bed for now!


NOTE: As Piggletino’s scout needs to spend some time at work (how else can we fund the little pig’s travels?), the next series shall be a recount of an old trip. It’ll still be interesting, stay tuned!