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Bye bye Brisbane!

28 Feb

Once again the trip to Australia is over! Piggletino decided it was absolutely important to make some friends! And here you go – Piggletino has invited a local aviator Kanga and a stubborn little wombat to join him on his trip home! Bye bye Brisbane!



Day trip to Dreamworld!

23 Feb


Piggletino was up and on the roads early to visit Dreamworld! Piggletino thinks his scout is absolutely silly to be screaming away on the thrill rides!


And while the scout was at it, Piggletino went to see the native animals of Australia – a proud ostrich, an active kangaroo, a tough-looking wombat, a lazy koala and as a bonus, a magnificent tiger!


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Yet another city!

20 Feb

After a short two-day stay at Tangalooma, Piggletino was ready to leave and head back to the city.



It was his first trip to Brisbane, a populous city of Australia, and he was looking forward to visiting a theme-park he had heard about. But before that, he had decided to take a rest in his hotel room at Oaks iStay River City apartments.


And just as the name promises, a great view of the river even as the apartment is set in the heart of the CBD!



Beach Resort: Tangalooma

16 Feb

Piggletino zipped off to Brisbane, hopped onto a boat at Holt Street Wharf and made his way right off to Tangalooma on Moreton Islands! With more than 80 land & water activities to do on the island, Piggletino was absolutely spoilt for choice!

He could hop on a quad bike…


…snorkel at the shipwrecks…


…or hit the dunes for a day of sandboarding…



Typically Piggletino decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the sea-breeze while his scout went exploring! Ah, the life of Piggletino!