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Found Out! To France we go!

5 Nov

Where are we heading this time?

Piggletino was so obsessed with staring out of the window at the beautiful Lufthansa plane that he didn’t realise he had been found out! Uh-0h!



The scout tells Piggletino that they are heading to the South of France, for work still, but would spare some time for Piggletino to go around town! Yippee!


Work trips are no fun!

3 Nov

Piggletino is getting bored…
His scout has a day in Frankfurt, and it’s packed with meetings. There’s no way for Piggletino to go, and this poor little pig who stayed at home could only take photos out the Hotel window…

Not a bad view outside of Maritim Hotel Frankfurt, really –



The hotel is directly connected to the Exhibition Centre at the ground level.
Hey Scout, hey! Can you see Piggletino from where you’re working?



Piggletino got so, so bored, that he even took photos with the mini-bar and snacks. Sigh…


And when night fell, Piggletino is still waiting by the window for his scout to come back. Looks like it’s yet another boring day for the poor little pig. Must’ve been a really bad idea to sneak out without telling the scout. Maybe if the scout knew, Piggletino would’ve had a chance to go to more places … Piggletino332

Nice night-view, anyway. And really, work trips are no fun.

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

30 Oct




Somehow Piggletino woke up to find himself in Frankfurt. Now, where in the world is the scout heading to?! Piggletino333


(The scout is heading to Frankfurt for a quick meeting, and still hadn’t figured that there was a naughty little Piggletino hiding in the bag! Oh, what a stealthy P.I. this Piggletino has become!)


Burg Eltz

27 Mar



Hey guys! Does this look familiar?
Piggletino thought he saw this in miniature form some time ago…


Somewhere in the hills of Koblenz, Piggletino and his scout found their way to the medieval castle, Burg Eltz. The castle towers over a valley and stands alone in the midst of the woods. Look! 


As the story goes, Burg Eltz belongs to a community of joint heirs (and is still owned by the same family from the 12th century!). Inside the castle, Piggletino was told that no photos were to be taken. It was a delightful trip, regardless. There was a little museum where you could see the treasures of the family. The castle has three complexes, belonging to three family branches. On the walking tour, you can also see the beautiful interior of a hunting room, old-style toilets, and most interestingly, the kitchen! Piggletino was fascinated by the way things were refrigerated in the past! 

On the way out, we passed by the vineyards of Rüdesheimer Rottland – of which much of its produce is the Riesling.
How very beautiful, and if only Piggletino could frolic in the vineyards too!