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13 Jan

Piggletino woke up and found himself on the plane … with no idea where he was headed.

What’s been happening? His scout has been so busy that Piggletino hasn’t had any chances to travel! Oh gosh!

How about sitting back and getting a good rest on the plane?


His scout wishes to thank everyone who comes back to check on Piggletino every now and then, despite the rare updates. It’ll take some time to get back in the groove, so thank you for being so patient!


HAPPY 2016!

11 Jan


It’s been so long since Piggletino came online to greet everyone! And I think we know why!! (He was drunk on his little liquor chocolates!)

Piggletino and his scout hope everyone has had a great start to the new year!

Merry Christmas from Piggletino!

25 Dec

Hello everyone!

Piggletino wants to wish all of you around the world a Merry Christmas!

Piggletino has just returned from a trip but he got busy eating and forgot to update the blog! He has enlisted the help of his scout to update it over this festive season, and the posts shall be up again by the new year!

So in the meantime, why don’t we all *hic* have a drink!

Cheers and thank you everyone for reading the adventures of this little pig!



Please tell Piggletino what you have on your Christmas menu! Perhaps he can get his (rather un-creative and clueless) scout to make some of it too!

Out and About again!

26 Oct

Hey guys! Did you miss me? It’s PIGGLETINO!

Piggletino got so sick of waiting for his scout to get time away from work… he decided to take a trip on his own! (Read: tag along his scout’s work-trip)

Piggletino decided he had to stock up on his own stash of food, so he took a stroll around Covent Garden in London…



…in search of the Apple Market, not knowing that the market would be closed at night. (Obviously, because he had forgotten to check with his scout who would usually plan all the trips for him!)


So Piggletino took the Underground…




…and the Overground …


…and made his way across Europe, all without his scout knowing!

What adventure shall lay ahead?

Around the World with Food (IV)

4 May

Sometimes food isn’t about how luxurious and rare it is. It only matters that there’s lots of it and they all taste good!


You know, it’s a misconception that pigs are lazy. Piggletino has been training very hard to keep fit. He was inspired by mountaineers and hikers, and decided to conquer the highest point that he can find … TADAH!



Well done, Piggletino. That bag of chips was tough to climb onto, wasn’t it. Now, from the top of the mountain (of chips), Piggletino shall offer a quiz question: What comes to mind when you speak of Australia?

Sydney Opera House? Kangaroos? Melbourne’s cafes?
Nope! It’s this:



(Note from the scout: Hello everyone. Please help me to convince this little pig that Australia isn’t just about TimTam. What do you first think of or what is most significant of the country when someone says, ‘Let’s visit Australia’?)

Around the World with Food (III)

28 Apr

Welcome to Piggletino’s chocolate shop! We’ve good a good variety of truffles – there’s raspberry, cherry, mint and coffee. Which would you like to try?



Oops. Sorry, we’re out of stock. The chocolate connoisseur Piggletino took the very last piece out of the box while trying to introduce the chocolates to you.

Oh well! 🙂

Around the World with Food (II)

20 Apr

French Fries, French Fries.

Why are fries called ‘French Fries’? In the Netherlands, Piggletino was told that these were ‘Flemish Fries’, not ‘French Fries’. Hmm.

Piggletino decided to pop by a frites shop to get a cone for himself, considering that fries were a national snack for Belgium and The Netherlands too. Having had one too many fries with mayo, Piggletino decided to opt for Sauce Andalouse, not quite knowing what it was… (His scout later told him that it was a Belgian specialty which had nothing to do with the namesake Spanish region – it is made of mayonnaise, tomato paste and bell peppers)



Ah well, what could one expect. When a little pig needs to eat, he shall eat with little care for what the origins and recipes are!