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Osaka Museum of Housing & Living

1 Aug

Hidden from the usual ‘tourist’ attractions, an intriguing sits in the Kita area of Osaka, on the 8th floor of a building somewhere along Temjimbashi. Easily accessibly by local trains as well, this is no ordinary museum – it is a remarkable re-creation of the past of Osaka!


This museum has streets that made Piggletino feel like he was back in the Edo period… Look! Even the cats on the roof are models!

You can check out the life of Osaka’s past as the museum highlights various facilities such as an ancient apothecary, fabric shop, traditional Japanese kitchen, poor man’s house vs rich man’s dwelling…


An interesting thing to note – the museum lets visitors experience day and night in an ancient Osaka street, through the use of awesome lighting and sound effects! Don’t be surprised if it turns dark all of a sudden!

The Osaka Museum of Housing & Living is definitely worth a visit. While there might be small problem of the absolute absence of English or other translations (everything including the descriptions comes in the local language), Piggletino is sure that you will still enjoy looking around these wonderful remade models of a town!


Osaka-jo – the Castle

18 Jul

Piggletino is impressed with the train network in Osaka! The Osaka Station (大阪城) is easily accessible by local trains.

Stopping at Osakajokoen Station, Piggletino had a leisurely stroll towards the Osaka Castle. Look at these beautiful flowers within the Castle Grounds!Piggletino195

It takes about 15minutes to walk from the station the main castle keep. (But Piggletino took so long because he had to stop to take photos everywhere he went!) Along the way, Piggletino saw the moat, gardens and forts… here’s the bridge towards the Castle!


And finally Piggletino has arrived at the Castle!


Free and easy for everyone, go have some fun! Piggletino’s scout heads into the Castle’s Museum to learn about its past, while Piggletino takes a break here!

Onward to Osaka!

16 Jul

Hello, Osaka!


Piggletino hopped off the plane and very quickly took a front seat on the special Kansai Airport Rapid Service from a station that is connected to the Kansai Airport, towards Osaka Train Station. Ah, bright and sunny Japan, Piggletino expects to take lots and lots of photos on this trip!