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Frankfurt Airport, Germany

30 Oct




Somehow Piggletino woke up to find himself in Frankfurt. Now, where in the world is the scout heading to?! Piggletino333


(The scout is heading to Frankfurt for a quick meeting, and still hadn’t figured that there was a naughty little Piggletino hiding in the bag! Oh, what a stealthy P.I. this Piggletino has become!)


Heathrow Airport, London

28 Oct

Psst! Are you guys reading this?

Don’t tell the scout, but we’re at Heathrow Airport, and nobody knows Piggletino is here!

The scout is working. Walking around the airport looking for a good spot to check emails and type a bunch of text into Word. Piggletino isn’t interested, and would prefer to walk around a bit… but really, what is there to do at the airport?  Piggletino328

While looking around, Piggletino heard his scout complaining… typical – there is a flight delay. What shall Piggletino do at the airport now?

How about looking for a book to read?



Ah well … hours have passed. Looks like nothing shall get done today … Hmmm. 😦




Out and About again!

26 Oct

Hey guys! Did you miss me? It’s PIGGLETINO!

Piggletino got so sick of waiting for his scout to get time away from work… he decided to take a trip on his own! (Read: tag along his scout’s work-trip)

Piggletino decided he had to stock up on his own stash of food, so he took a stroll around Covent Garden in London…



…in search of the Apple Market, not knowing that the market would be closed at night. (Obviously, because he had forgotten to check with his scout who would usually plan all the trips for him!)


So Piggletino took the Underground…




…and the Overground …


…and made his way across Europe, all without his scout knowing!

What adventure shall lay ahead?