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Melbourne Visitor Shuttle: Flinders Street Station & Federation Square

8 Nov

What better way to see Melbourne than on the Visitor Shuttle – and it’s free! The red tourist shuttle goes by 13 stops and will come by each stop every 30 minutes.

A good location to hop on might be at Stop 2: Federation Square, where you’ll find the the Visitor Centre and lots of cafes/bars. A short walk round the back of the cafes will also bring you up to the waterfront.

Just diagonally opposite the stop, one can also spot the iconic Flinders Street Station, the first railway station of the Australian city. The yellow building, arched entrance, towers and row of clocks under the dome have become a recognizable landmark of the city where many refer to as a meeting point.

Clever traveller Piggletino knows how convenient the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is, so he has reserved a seat for himself to check out the city.