Houses as tiny as Piggletino, and the Fairy Tree

12 Nov

Piggletino went for a leisurely walk through the Fitzroy Gardens (not too far from the Visitor Shuttle’s designated Stop 3: Sports Precinct) in search of Cooks’ Cottage, a Tudor Village and the Fairy Tree.

After seeing Cooks’ Cottage – where stories of Captain James Cook’s adventures and his life were on display – Piggletino hunted all over for the Tudor Village. Just as he was about to give up, he spotted some tiny houses, as small as he was sitting calmly behind black fences! A Model Tudor Village!

This green sign says “This Model Tudor Village was presented to the City of Melbourne by the citizens of Lambeth England in appreciation of gifts of food dispatched from Victoria to England during food shortages following World War 2, 1939 – 1945.” The model buildings resemble a Kentish village, with cottages, churches, schools, bakeries and barns! A walk around the little village you’ll also find Shakespeare’s home!

The Fairy Tree stands just opposite the village. Sculptor, author and playwright Miss Ola Cohn had carved a tree of colourful fairies in a stump of river red gum. Be sure to spot all the characters, each with their own little story as they appear on the well-preserved tree bark!


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