Gold Rush! Gold Rush!

24 Nov

Piggletino is so excited because he heard about the Gold Rush at Ballarat! He packed his little bag and sped out of the city to Sovereign Hill – an outdoor museum of mines, goldfields and life as it was in the 1850s.

Trades of the past came to life as you walked through the settlement – the Blacksmith’s had a range of horseshoes and ironware; the Confectionery Factory made boiled sweets; the Wheelwright built wagons for horse-drawn coaches; the hotels and stables were close by for dwellers and their horses – everything was so interesting for Piggletino! There is also a Post Office at Sovereign Hill that is still in operation! Send yourself a postcard with the Sovereign Hill postmark on it!

As Piggletino was exploring the Chinese camp, depicting life of Chinese miners, he spotted something that made him squeal in delight!

A much bigger friend munching away under the sun!!! What a lovely trip, to meet a friend in a new place! Remember to say hello to them if you visit!


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