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Around the World with Food (II)

20 Apr

French Fries, French Fries.

Why are fries called ‘French Fries’?┬áIn the Netherlands, Piggletino was told that these were ‘Flemish Fries’, not ‘French Fries’. Hmm.

Piggletino decided to pop by a frites shop to get a cone for himself, considering that fries were a national snack for Belgium and The Netherlands too. Having had one too many fries with mayo, Piggletino decided to opt for Sauce Andalouse, not quite knowing what it was… (His scout later told him that it was a Belgian specialty which had nothing to do with the namesake Spanish region – it is made of mayonnaise, tomato paste and bell peppers)



Ah well, what could one expect. When a little pig needs to eat, he shall eat with little care for what the origins and recipes are!