Burg Eltz

27 Mar



Hey guys! Does this look familiar?
Piggletino thought he saw this in miniature form some time ago…


Somewhere in the hills of Koblenz, Piggletino and his scout found their way to the medieval castle, Burg Eltz. The castle towers over a valley and stands alone in the midst of the woods. Look! 


As the story goes, Burg Eltz belongs to a community of joint heirs (and is still owned by the same family from the 12th century!). Inside the castle, Piggletino was told that no photos were to be taken. It was a delightful trip, regardless. There was a little museum where you could see the treasures of the family. The castle has three complexes, belonging to three family branches. On the walking tour, you can also see the beautiful interior of a hunting room, old-style toilets, and most interestingly, the kitchen! Piggletino was fascinated by the way things were refrigerated in the past! 

On the way out, we passed by the vineyards of Rüdesheimer Rottland – of which much of its produce is the Riesling.
How very beautiful, and if only Piggletino could frolic in the vineyards too!  



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