Germany: Limburg an der Lahn

24 Mar






Hello there! Did you guys miss me?
I think my scout got lost somewhere along the way…
We were heading to Limburg (the one in Germany, not the Limburg of The Netherlands!)



Unfortunately, we arrived on a weekend, and the shops were mostly closed. Piggletino shall have to tell you a little bit of the history without much pictures this time!

Limburg is one of those small old towns in Germany that you’ll encounter on your way from one big city to another. Piggletino’s scout was on the way to Cologne when we chanced upon this small town and its old walls. Much of the fortifications of this town no longer stand. What ¬†remains as a significant landmark is probably the orange St George’s cathedral.

Piggletino didn’t get to do much on this road trip. Looks like we should plan MORE road trips!


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