North Holland: Marken

14 Jan








Can you tell where Piggletino is today?

That’s right – that’s the Beatrix Brug at Marken, in North Holland.
For those of us who have conveniently assumed that Holland = The Netherlands, let’s have a quick clarification here: The Netherlands refers to the entire country; we have North and South Holland as two provinces of the country. Relatively well-known provinces of the Netherlands include Utrecht, Friesland, Limburg etc.

Back to Piggletino’s trip in Marken…
Marken is a little fishing village with many wooden houses and some amazing traditional trades like clog-making!
Look at the gorgeous designs encapsulating the Netherlands on these clogs – full of tulips and windmills! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Unfortunately, they didn’t have any clogs that fit Piggletino’s size…

So after a picture or two, Piggletino decided to make his way to yet another little fishing village…



Where is Piggletino heading to?


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