Golden Pavilion and the Kyoto Imperial Palace

22 Aug

What? A Golden Pavilion?

Piggletino was excited to visit the Kinkakuji (金閣寺, Golden Pavilion) – this time a Zen temple in Northern Kyoto.

An extravagant structure that overlooked a pond of waters, the Kinkakuji is said to have different architectural styles on each level of the Pavilion. Unfortunately, visitors were not allowed to enter the Pavilion to see the first floor built in Shinden style, the second floor in Bukke style, and the upper floors that was in the style of a Chinese Zen Hall.

Piggletino quickly took a snap – it was such a popular area for tourists, there wasn’t even much space to stand and enjoy the view! What a pity!

After the Kinkakuji, Piggletino made his way to the Kyoto Imperial Palace (京都御所), where the Imperial Family resided until the 1860s.

The complex is highly guarded and one can only enter the palace grounds with a guided tour (be sure to book in advance!) of about an hour. It’s a short and slightly rushed visit, but worth a visit if you’ll like to find out more about Imperial Family and the Palace!



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