Miyajima: Itsukushima Shrine

30 Jul

Welcome back, everyone! Piggletino would like to show you the giant torii gate set out in the Seto Inland Sea, up-close!


They say at high tide, the gate will look like it is afloat in the waters. Too bad Piggletino didn’t get a picture of it this time!

Today we visit the Itsukushima Shrine which looks out to the sea. The shrine has several wooden plank walkways and is designed to look like a pier.


After visiting the Shrine, Piggletino chanced upon a long flight of steps upwards and decided to explore:


See, the scout was so slow that Piggletino was so far ahead! This strong little pig made his way all the way up to the Senjokaku Hall, which literally translates to ‘the Pavilion of 1000 mats’. The hall has no ceilings or entrance; as it turns out, it was unfinished following the death of its commissioner, Hideyoshi.

Directly adjacent to the hall was the 5-storied Pagoda…


There are many other walking trails around the island but Piggletino was so exhausted from the blazing sun. Looks like we’ll have to come back to visit this quaint little island another time in the near future! (EXCUSES THE LITTLE PIG MAKES TO GET MORE TRIPS!! 😉 )


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