Noboribetsu Bear Ranch

16 Apr

At the foot of Mt Usu, Piggletino entered the Noboribetsu Bear Ranch (昭和新山熊牧場) where huge brown bears and unique species of racoons are!


You could feed the bears with apples and hear bear-keepers share information on their lifestyles! Piggletino didn’t want to come out because he was afraid of these huge animals (and the occasional smell of poop!!)


After the trip to the bear ranch, Piggletino’s scout decided to immerse in some cultural activities – a traditional Taiko drum performance over a seafood dinner!

Piggletino144 Piggletino145


2 Responses to “Noboribetsu Bear Ranch”

  1. wannabephotographer87 April 16, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

    Awe I’m sure piggletino had a lot of fun playing with the bears and dancing to the band 😀 haha so fun!

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