Lake Toya cruise and Nakajima Island walk

9 Apr

Check out that awesome view right outside the room’s window!


A Lake Toya (洞爺湖) cruise was in place for the day! The ship Piggletino was taking looked vaguely like an old castle (it’s that bit of structure on the right of this picture) and Piggletino was keen to take off on this legendary lake that was second most transparent in Japan and which was known to never have turned into ice!


Piggletino had thought the mountain was Mt Fuji – but it’s NOT! It’s Mt Yotei (羊蹄山), once having had two volcanic eruptions. But Piggletino wasn’t too far off when he learnt that Mt Yotei was famously regarded as Ezo Fuji, or tiny Fuji, because of its close resemblance to the iconic landmark of Japan.

Crossing the lake would bring you to the Nakajima National Forest, where you could see various spruce trees and check out the “Eight views of Lake Toya” where you can see Mt Yotei and more scenic views of Hokkaido! Piggletino138  Piggletino137  Piggletino139Piggletino140

Take a whole day at Lake Toya / Nakajima Island to enjoy the leisurely lifestyle! Piggletino never thought there was so much to learn!


2 Responses to “Lake Toya cruise and Nakajima Island walk”

  1. wannabephotographer87 April 15, 2013 at 2:09 am #

    Really gorgeous pictures !!

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