The Twelve Apostles: why did they change the name?

1 Dec

The Twelve Apostles, formed from a collection of limestone stacks, has made it to the top the list for visitors to Victoria. As part of the erosion process, old arches fall to form standing rocks like the Twelve Apostles. Breathtakingly amazing, the Twelve Apostles stands over a flourishing underwater paradise with a diverse fish life beneath the surface.

Now Piggletino heard that this wasn’t the original name of the natural formation.

A century ago, it was called the Sow and Piglets! Rumour has it that the name didn’t sound as impressive or appealing to be a tourist site as “The Twelve Apostles”. So Piggletino decided to pay tribute to its old name – by taking a shot with the amazing scenery too!

Picture perfect – the Sow and Piglets and Piggletino!


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