13 Jan

Piggletino woke up and found himself on the plane … with no idea where he was headed.

What’s been happening? His scout has been so busy that Piggletino hasn’t had any chances to travel! Oh gosh!

How about sitting back and getting a good rest on the plane?


His scout wishes to thank everyone who comes back to check on Piggletino every now and then, despite the rare updates. It’ll take some time to get back in the groove, so thank you for being so patient!

HAPPY 2016!

11 Jan


It’s been so long since Piggletino came online to greet everyone! And I think we know why!! (He was drunk on his little liquor chocolates!)

Piggletino and his scout hope everyone has had a great start to the new year!

One Night in Singapore

16 Jan

Piggletino heard that Singapore has one of the most beautiful Christmas light-ups, and so he bugged his scout to bring him there.


It was a pretty unique situation – in the humid tropical climate, one could see Christmas lights put up on the trees at Orchard Road – the main shopping street of Singapore.

Piggletino wasn’t interested in buying anything, so each time they stopped outside of a mall, Piggletino would insist on getting a photoshoot!



But what amazed Piggletino most, was when he entered a Japanese shopping mall, Takashimaya, and found a giant Christmas tree that reached up for about 4 storeys high. While everyone was trying to take a photo of it from the ground floor, Piggletino decided to head upstairs and …


Look! Cartier boxes on the tree! 🙂

It was a really short trip, but Piggletino had lots of fun exploring the iconic spots. See you again, Singapore!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

13 Jan

Now, where in the tiny island of Singapore was Piggletino at?

Piggletino was walking around Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort that comprised of Exhibition & Conference spaces (where his scout went for some meetings) ; myriad of shopping and dining experiences ; and an Art & Science Museum.


Pretty cool, huh? This is the world’s first Art-Science museum! But these stuff are too complex for a little pig. He’d decided that the knowledge acquisition shall be left to the scout, while he enjoys the bright sunny day outside! Piggletino360

He took a stroll around the place, and decided to frolick in the beautiful lily pond…



Look, there’s a Sky Mirror in Singapore! This is a 2.9m-wide circular concave mirror that reflects the lotus-shaped museum. And Piggletino’s got a great view from here!



Looks like Piggletino had more photos than the scout ever did on this sunny island!

Happy 2015 everybody! Piggletino’s back from Singapore!

10 Jan

Hello everyone!

Piggletino is back with more photos to share, because his scout finally has some time to sit down and put up the pictures!

You see, after sneaking about on the last trip, Piggletino got hooked on being a spy. When he heard that his scout was heading to Singapore for some meetings, he hid inside the luggage once more… and …


There he is! He has arrived in Singapore! 🙂

Before he continues to tell his story, here’s wishing everyone of you a great 2015 ahead!

Merry Christmas from Piggletino!

25 Dec

Hello everyone!

Piggletino wants to wish all of you around the world a Merry Christmas!

Piggletino has just returned from a trip but he got busy eating and forgot to update the blog! He has enlisted the help of his scout to update it over this festive season, and the posts shall be up again by the new year!

So in the meantime, why don’t we all *hic* have a drink!

Cheers and thank you everyone for reading the adventures of this little pig!



Please tell Piggletino what you have on your Christmas menu! Perhaps he can get his (rather un-creative and clueless) scout to make some of it too!

So much to do, so little time – Cannes

20 Nov

… while Piggletino’s scout wished to go to the Musee de la Mer on another island, to check out the fortress and learn about how the Man in the Iron Mask had been jailed there, there was absolutely no time since it was a work trip…



So Piggletino and his scout were terribly disappointed, having planned to visit that island at the back of the picture (St Marguerite and St Honorat of the Lerins Islands, both about 15minutes away from Cannes). They had to head back to the hotel by the evening, ready to leave France early next morning.

Back to the hotel it was for both, laying down for some TV…



… and a comfort-coffee, 1 for Piggletino and 1 for the scout … Piggletino344


And that shall be a goodbye for now. Cannes, we’ll be back to check out the islands!!! Wait for Piggletino and his scout to be back!


Castle Museum, Cannes

18 Nov

We’re finally there! Finally there!

Oh, you don’t see the scout, do you? That’s ok. The scout was checking out the impressive collection of Mayan pottery, Pacific relics and Asian weapons that were collected by travelers of the past. But Piggletino found a way up a tower to get a panoramic view, and there you go! – Piggletino339



Isn’t this amazing? Piggletino tells us to check out the Le Suquet and the bay of La Croisette! Piggletino354 Piggletino340 Piggletino342


Wow! Isn’t this amazing? Piggletino hears of the Museum of the Sea on another island, and tells the scout to go … but…

Piggletino goes to the old town

15 Nov

See, Piggletino’s scout likes the old towns and ruins of each city, and would never fail to drop by for a visit. And since Piggletino’s presence is known, he gets to take so many more beautiful photos!

Piggletino’s scout had planned to head up the old town of Cannes, Le Suquet, to get a good view of La Croisette. It was a long walk uphill, and Piggletino was so thankful that he didn’t have to do all that walking himself!




The scout had explained that they were there to visit the Musee de la Castre, or the Castle Museum.






But even before they had arrived, Piggletino was already taken in by the breathtaking views of the surroundings – climbing mid-way, Piggletino stopped to take photos of the wonderful Old Town from above.


And as a lazy pig would, he decided to stop and sit by the benches to watch the day go by! Now, if only the scout would walk faster up to the museum!


Welcome to Cannes, France!

11 Nov



Welcome to Cannes, France!

Piggletino is delighted to see such a beautiful town on the French Riveria, on a bright, sunny morning! Known for its vibrant festivals, luxury shops and good variety of food, Cannes was a fresh sight for Piggletino, who had been stuck in the hotel for days!



This is Rue Meynadier, a historic street with great bargains, some sharp cheese and a wonderful selection of wines. Piggletino headed out on a Sunday, so the shops were closed, but he was sure he could come by again when his scout was done with work another day.




Since the shops were closed, Piggletino decided to chill by the beach! What a beautiful, beautiful place to be! Ahh! Now Piggletino can get some fresh air instead of being stuck in the room all day! Piggletino347